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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Creatively Speaking: Getting Back In To A Routine

it seems to have taken me quite some time to get back in to a creative place since New Year.

Last year I managed to be creative every single day from January until early November. And I managed to do something writing related every day from about March to the beginning of December. But for whatever reason I've struggled to get back in to that sort of routine. But I am slowly but surely getting there.

This week has seen the return of me colouring in my adult colouring book... as well as trying to come up with a way to store my coloured pencils together using things I already have (nothing concrete yet - am still mulling it over).

I have also be rooting through my crafting supplies mainly due to a tip I got from Lindsay The Frugal Crafter on YouTube.

Now it is one of those tips that seems obvious when you think about it... I just hadn't thought about it. I also discovered whilst rooting through my supplies some of my craft punches were stuck. Two have since become unstuck and two broke during the unsticking process (oops!).

Writing wise this week I've been reading more of Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card. And I've been making more notes on my current writing project and writing down ideas for others.

All this on top of finding a storage solution to my over flowing jumper and pyjama drawers. And trying to work out what the hell the instructions for putting up a blind mean (I think I understand now... think being the operative word).

Til next week...

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